Rolo Rules!

【MMDギアス】Just a Game

[MMD Code Geass] LUPIN (Rolo)

[MMD Code Geass]Fantastic future (Rolo) (●*∩_∩*●)

[MMD] Code Geass: Tokyo Teddy Bear

【MMDギアス】8HIT【ナナリー • ロロ】
The two of them make an interesting couple.
A rather mean ending, though.

【MMDギアス】TiK ToK

[MMD Code Geass] Work Bitch (Rolo):
I can actually see him doing that.

[MMD Code Geass] Elect [Lelouch , Rolo]:
Demon Lelouch and Demon Rolo? Unfortunately I couldn’t say that this was completely off the mark!



There’s more!

【MMDコラボ】学生+三十路でone two three

This one has Code Geass AND Shingeki no Kyojin - that’s just brilliant!

[MMD Code Geass] Pomp and Circumstance - Lelouch, Suzaku & Rolo

I have developed a faible for MMD music videos. This one has nothing to do with Edward Elgar, even though it’s called Pomp and Circumstance. Still fun to watch.